Ladies, Love the Skin You Are In

No matter the skin you are in, step out this summer with confidence and enjoy family and friends. With the warm months still ahead, there are plenty of opportunities to be social.

Stay tuned for tips and advice on how to be your most confident and beautiful self this summer! It all starts and ends with you!

Our swimsuit inspiration this month....Marissa MIller!

Get Marissa's rockin' abs with our favorite yoga move this month - The Boat!

Works core, back, hip flexors
Sit on the sand with your knees bent and your feet flat and together on the sand. Place your right hand behind your right knee and your left hand behind your left knee. Keeping your knees bent, raise your lower legs until your calves are parallel to the ground (A). Hold for five to 15 breaths. Lower your feet to the sand and rest for five breaths. Next, start the same way, but when you lift your feet, straighten your legs completely so your body forms a V. Raise your arms straight in front of you to shoulder height, palms facing each other (B). Hold for five to 15 breaths. Lower your legs and rest for five breaths. Repeat.

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