Get With The Program: Manscaping

After getting an early start to my Friday with an 8 mile run, some office work and a GIGANTIC cup of coffee, I decided to treat myself to an afternoon of laying poolside in the humid South Carolina heat. So, I throw my bag together - towel, check....sunscreen, check......magazines, check.....and, oh yeah, my Blackberry for Twitter updates of course!!

Naturally, while laying poolside I decide to check out my scenery (and I'm not talking the poolside landscaping folks), I'm talking the man scenery. Of course there are several guys out at the pool today, drinking beer and checking out the chicks. Except for one fine specimen to my 3:00! Heck yeah, I get some eye candy at the pool today - BONUS! That is until he takes his shirt off!

Are you kidding me?!?!?!

How can a HOT guy like this, not understand the concept of manscaping? It is July for crying out loud and the last time I checked about 60 degrees to hot for a sweater. This sweater of course covered the front and back - is it even possible for a man this young to grow this much hair?! I had half a mind to take him a card for my girl Tameka, who would make sure that he was "taken care of" for a minimum of three weeks, but decided against it. I don't think Tameka has enough waxing paper for that one!

So, gentleman.....this blog's for you! If you aren't with the program, get with it and do some manscaping. I promise you cannot go wrong with this decision :)

David Beckham even rocks this look!!

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