First Look: ZARA Spring 2010 Collection

Not only is trend imitator ZARA's new clothing line completely chic and on point, but the hair is rockin' too!! Long, loosely styled braids, yes, please!! This is a very good imitation from Alexander Wang's Spring 2010 collection and you know if the clothes are from ZARA, they are going to be fab at a fraction of the cost!!
Of course there are some stlyish chicks already rockin' this look on the street! ZARA, I will see you in New York and Vitamin Shoppe, time to boost my vitamin intake so I can rock these braids too!


Top Nail Polish Colors Right Now

Some of the colors we are loving this year...

Bleach Black Nail Polish in Dick Weed , $12.95, available from Need Supply

Chanel Nail Polish in Inattendu, $23, available at Neiman Marcus

Butter London Nail Polish in Muggins, $14, available at Miomia

American Apparel Nail Polish in Mouse, $6, available at American Apparel

OPI Nail Polish in Hot & Spicy, available at Nail Etc

More rockin' colors at Refinery 29...


Rock This Look Today...

Look at what we put together today! We are loving this look...

Kardashians Team Up With Bebe

It's official, the Kardashian girls have a slot on the Fashion Week calendar...
I know, shocking right?!  After visiting the Miami "DASH" store, I was less than impressed with the selection and certainly did not see this coming!  We are seeing more and more  "celebrity" inspired lines coming out, while it is harder and harder for the traditional designers to throw around dollars to showcase at Fashion Week - Sad, I know!  It will certainly be interesting to see what these girls come to the table with - hopefully an improvement to the "club" wear look that Bebe is infamous for, yet I highly doubt it!  I'll be sure to keep you posted...


A Better Self Tanner - For Free?!

The International Agency for Research on Cancer shows that the risk of skin cancer jumps by 75 percent when people start using tanning beds before age 30...
Experts also found that all types of ultraviolet radiation caused worrying mutations in mice, which is proof that the radiation is carcinogenic.

If you use an over-the-counter self-tanning cream, you often end up with a fake, orange, splotchy or streaky look. Joliese Tan claims to better than the alternatives because it won't stain, does not have an unpleasant smell, and looks natural instead of orange.

You can get a free sample here of Joliese Tan and pay only $1.95 in shipping and handling when you use the promo code 2010TAN. Let us know what you think, we're going to try it too!!


Charleston Fashion Week 2010

Rock This Look is hittin' the tents...

We will be bringing you all the latest and greatest from the tents - emerging designers, the model competition and the hottest looks for the Fall! Get your tickets for Charleston Fashion Week now!

Downward Doggie Style

You’ve probably had one.....
Your yoga instructor has definitely had one.....
A coregasm!!
A what?
A coregasm is an orgasm that results from strong core exercise work. The question is: Do they really exist? Oh yes, my dear, they most certainly do. So, naturally, the next question is: How do I get me one of those? Let me walk you through the why and how, and chances are you’ll be rethinking doing crunches and get thee to a core-focused workout class by tomorrow morning.
FYI – You need to know women can have 10 different types of orgasms (more in a future column). The stimulation may be of a different body part, including your mind, yet the resulting orgasm’s sensation will be felt genitally. And the same regions of the brain are activated during orgasm, regardless of the area of stimulation.
For the core ingredients for a "Coregasm Experience", check out the recipe at Healthy Bitch Daily!


Who Rocked The Golden Globes...

Let's be honest, it's always been more about the fashion than the actual awards!! 
Here are some of our picks for who rocked the red carpet...

Jennifer Aniston in Valentino Couture

Heidi Klum in Roberto Cavalli
Olivia Wilde in Gucci

Overall, a very disappointing year, as far as we are concerned.  Perhaps it was the rain that dampened our spirits or maybe just the lack of WOW on the red carpet this year. On a side note, Cameron Diaz and Sandra Bullock, are you looking for new stylists yet? If so, I know a gal...


Rock This Look Today...

Can't Find The Right Pants?

Well neither can they....

The 9th Annual No-Pants Subway Ride
{Photo courtesy of NBC New York}
This year, 44 cities worldwide participated in this event, just for the fun of it!  A sight to see I'm sure....we just hope that there was some Lysol on hand!  I didn't see this today while I was in Boston - should have been in NYC :(  Maybe next year guys!!

Boston Vintage: Poor Little Rich Girl

Had a little time to kill before meetings started in Boston today.  I ventured on down to Newbury St., which for anyone who has not shopped Boston, it is a very famous street lined with designer shops (Chanel, Burberry, Armani - you get the idea!).  It's the "Rodeo Drive" of Boston and fabulous!! But, low and behold, what do I come across?  A rockin' vintage store:

Next time you are in Bean Town, check 'em out....accessories, shoes, new/used clothing, odds & ends, bags, and the list goes on....

(617) 425-4874 
166 Newbury Street
Boston, MA 02116

First Look: Gucci Spring 2010

{More campaign photos at:  Fashionologie}


Your Next Trip to NYC: The Brooklyn Flea

If you haven't been to the Brooklyn Flea, make it a priority for your next NYC trip...
You can find the perfect mix of vintage, knick knacks and unique finds at this vedor operated flea market - never a disappointment!  Beginning January 9th through the weekend of March 27th, the Flea will be open every weekend at it's new location, One Hanson, formerly the Williamsburg Savings Bank (corner of Flatbush Ave.). We are going to have a lot to pack in to our trip for Fall Fashion Week in February! 

Zac Posen For Target: April 2010

We were just spoiled with Rodarte for Target and now Zac Posen!
Posen's designer line will be at most Target stores and at Target.com at a price we can all afford.  His whimsical style will be a big hit with his Target line, which is touted to have many fabulous dresses!  Just in time for warmer weather.  Target, we thank you!

Fashion Week Leaves Bryant Park

And makes a new home at Lincoln Center...
Yes, all of you fashion groupies, it's true.  Bryant Park has been home to Fashion Week for quite some time and has been very convenient, but with a new decade comes change.  Lincoln Center will have it's benefits as well:  it's closer to the C train, which makes a much more convenient journey down to Milk Studios.

First Look: Barneys Warehouse Sale

The infamous bi-annual sale begins the first day of Fall 2010 Fashion Week...

The warehouse sale occurs February 11-28th, on West. 18th Street, per the usual. This year the sale conveniently coincides with Fashion Week, even more of a reason to be in the city.  Start making your travel reservations now!!


Rock It Like Kim K

Rock It Like Kim Kardashian
We've been checking out Kim Kardashian for a minute now...
her boots that is!  We put together an example of how you can get her look.  Make the boots the statement piece and keep the rest simple and neat.  Just fabulous, if we do say so ourselves.  Go 'head girl!!

"Snooki", Stripped Down!

Who doesn't love some Jersey Shore...

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi known for her face paint and Jersey hair (only a "Bump It" user could love) recently went au natural for inTouch.  We certainly know this look won't last, coming from a girl who carries her makeup tool box with her everywhere and most likely an industrial size bottle of Aqua Net.  We do encourage her to perhaps smile in the future :) 

Meet The Snuggle Suit!!

{Photo Courtesy of JCPenny.com}
Snuggies are SO last season!!
So, my friends, meet the Snuggle Suit, a neck-to-toe plush romper in a wide variety of fun colors.  You can get your very own at JCPenny and right now, they are on sale through the JCPenny web site - $24.99, what a steal!!  You will be the envy of all your friends!!


Lady Gaga Meets Barbie

We were beside ourselves when we came across these Lady GaGa fashioned Barbies...
' First reported by Perez Hilton, these DIY doll creations were inspired by Lady Gaga's ever-changing fashion transformations and fashioned by an avid doll player, NOT a doll designer...

Veik, a 29-year-old from Beijing, doesn't consider himself a doll designer...
Veik created quite a buzz with his Lady Gaga dolls, which he creates at home with ordinary materials. Perez Hilton first blogged about it, but fans of Veik's Flickr page were in on his talent long before Perez. Veik, an avid DIY-er, posts pictures of his Barbies to inspire others and tell the world that "your hand make everything." Do we see a contract with Mattel soon? We sure hope so!!
(Pictures courtesy of Refinery29.com)

Tiger Woods, Shirtless?!

A "RAW" look at Woods for the Vanity Fair cover...

SERIOUSLY, Vanity Fair?!

Tiger, we realize that you are a great golfer, but please put your shirt back on!! I think we all know how you feel about keeping your clothes on and this is certainly not helping your already battered image.

Just Another Day...

At the office!
Turn over a new leaf this year and put your most fashionable foot forward!!


A Must See: Project Runway Season 7

Mark your calendars, set your TiVo for January 14...
Project Runway: Season 7 airs at 10 p.m. ET on Lifetime...

Watch as 16 new designers compete this season for a chance to show their collection to top industry insiders at New York Fashion Week.  Meet the Season 7 designers...

Seth Aaron Henderson (Vancouver, WA)
Maya Luz (New York, NY)
Anthony Williams (Atlanta, GA)
Jesse LeNoir (Orlando, FL)
Ping Wu (Chicago, IL)
Jonathan Peters (Providence, RI)
Pamela Ptak (Riegelsville, PA)
Jay Nicolas Sario (San Francisco, CA)
Mila Hermanovski (Los Angeles, CA)
Christiane King (Los Angeles, CA)
Emilio Sosa (New York, NY)
Jesus Estrada (San Diego, CA)
Ben Chmura (Tampa, FL)
Anna Lynett (Los Angeles, CA)
Janeane Marie (Portland, OR)
Amy Sarabi (Oakland, CA)

Check out the designers video bios at http://www.mylifetime.com/shows/project-runway/video.  We are super excited about the new season and what these young designers will bring to the table!!


We ♥ Rihanna

Rihanna is no stranger to making a statement...
and neither are we. Who is brave enough to rock this look in 2010?! Rihanna, you go ahead girl!!


Be on the lookout for more than just leggings from Lindsay Lohan's line 6126.
This fall the line will consist of 100 pieces ranging from mini dress to leather jackets and of course anchor pieces, leggings.  We are excited to see more from LiLo and how she pulls the line together.
{Photo courtesy of InStyle.com}

Who Rocked MMX...

Lady Gaga rocked poolside at the Fontainebleau in true Gaga fashion, the hottest ticket in town for MMX...

Rihanna looking fab per the usual at the Emirates Palace and rockin a new 'do, which we hope we see some more of very soon...


And then there was J.Lo!  Pretty sure the glitter body stocking should have never made this kind of debut, but a rockin performance nonetheless!
Photos courtesy of Celebrity-Gossip.Net


One Of Those Days...

When you just want to be comfy. Well, we have you covered! We think Victoria Beckham is right on point - super casual yet pulled together. Check the bag!! Be on the lookout for a Birkin bag - they are everywhere right now and are trés chic for sure! You can't go wrong with one of these timeless classics...