Rock This Look Today...

Keeping it simple never looked so good!


Rock This Look Today...

We are loving the simple pieces of this outfit mixed with some fabulous accessories! Get some mileage out of your skinny white jeans and a simple t-shirt. Add a statement necklace, some great shoes and a fun handbag and you just took "casual" to a rockin' new level!


A Training Tip That Rocks!

If you are anything like me and you enjoy getting outside and exercising, this time of year can be especially great because of the sunny weather, yet very dangerous because of the heat. I found this great article at http://www.runnersworld.com and thought I would share...

How to Run in Hot Weather
How exactly does hot weather affect runners? Our zealous correspondent endures a scorching, sweaty hour in a heat chamber and staggers back with some answers.

By Amby Burfoot

From the August 2009 issue of Runner's World

Reality Check: Know the Risks

MYTH Only dehydrated runners are at risk.
REALITY High humidity and intense effort can cause heatstroke in hydrated runners.

MYTH Only long runs cause heatstroke.
REALITY Fast, hard, shorter running—in 5-K or 10-Kraces—can also cause heatstroke.

MYTH Heatstroke occurs only if the weather is hot and humid.
REALITY Heatstroke can occur in mild conditions if an athlete is overfatigued.

MYTH Heatstroke victims stop sweating.
REALITY Heatstroke also develops in athletes who are still sweating.

Just How Hot Was He?

An hour in ideal conditions vs. an hour in heat

I ran identical workouts—one hour at 8:30-per-mile pace—on consecutive days in the University of Connecticut's environmental chamber. The first run was in 53-degree conditions, the second at 90 degrees. On the hot run, my heart rate, temperature, and sweat loss spiked to levels that diminish performance while increasing health risks, a reaction Lawrence Armstrong, Ph. D., editor of Exertional Heat Illnesses, calls "classic."

Heart rate 158
Rectal temperature 101.98
Lactate .978 mmol/liter
Sweat loss 27.05 ounces
Percent dehydrated 1.3
Plasma volume -0.2%

Heart rate 175
Rectal temperature 103.45
Lactate 4.04 mmol/liter
Sweat loss 54.10 ounces
Percent dehydrated 2.6
Plasma volume -10.9%

Be Cool

Play it smart when running In the heat.

University of Connecticut heat experts Doug Casa, Ph. D., and Larry Armstrong, Ph. D., both lifelong runners, recommend the following strategies to keep you safe and healthy in the summer heat.

Give yourself eight to 14 days to acclimatize to hot weather, gradually increasing the length and intensity of your training. In that time, your body will learn to decrease your heart rate, decrease your rectal temperature, and increase your sweat rate.

Run at the coolest time of day, usually in the morning before or just after sunrise.

Run in the shade—on trails or tree-lined roads—to avoid heat gain from solar radiation.

Wear light fabrics and as little as possible to encourage evaporation of sweat.

Hydrate appropriately before, during, and after your run. But be careful; overhydrating can be just as harmful.

Run a shorter distance than you might normally run in cooler weather.

Run slower than you would in cooler weather. Don't expect to match times that you achieved in better conditions; it's not possible in the heat.

Run with friends, or let someone know where you're running and when you'll return.

Warning: Heatstroke Ahead

Avoid hot-weather running if you are experiencing any of the following conditions or situations, as they put you at risk of heatstroke.

Sleep loss
Unusual fatigue
The sense that you're about to "come down" with something A long workout A heat wave
An extensive heat exposure (mowing the lawn, a hot soccer match)
Reduced sweating
Fever or illness

How to Run in the Heat at Runner's World

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Rock This Look Today...

A little rocker for Monday, but we are loving this look - especially the Tory Burch bag!


A Beauty Tip That Rocks...

Loose Waves

You'll need to break out the curling iron if you want Hayden Panettiere's sexy, beachy waves. First, section off your hair and secure with clips. Using a large barrel curling iron, curl one section at a time, starting at the bottom and working your way up towards the crown. Then, instead of combing your waves, toss your hair up and down three times and finish with a shine-enhancing hairspray.
—Polly Blitzer for InStyle

Rock This Look: Guys

Roll up your sleeves and rock this look! We are loving the suspenders and fedora hat on you with a white button down. We're thinking that you will look pretty fly in this, cause some heads to turn and even break a few hearts! Take it for a spin...


Guys, Check It Out!

Bend Fashion to Your Will

The strategy: Demonstrate you're a leader, not a lemming. Add an irreverent, original element to your outfit that hints (not screams) that you don't break the rules, you make them.

How to pull it off: Keep 90 percent of your look appropriate to the occasion—you're fashionably astute, after all. Then throw on something ballsy. Suede New Balances with a designer suit (no tie) for an event at a swank lounge; a classic tweed jacket over a retro T-shirt for a dinner party; plaid wool pants with a hooded sweatshirt and Chuck T's for a concert.

What she'll think: You have the confidence to do things your way, and the savvy to do them well. You're witty, hip, and a bit of a troublemaker. (That's hot.)

What she'll say: "Nice pants."

Read more: http://www.menshealth.com/mhlists/dating_advice/Bend_Fashion_to_Your_Will.php#ixzz0MDHd7QMk

Rock This Look Today: Ripped Jeans

We're loving the look of ripped jeans right now. They are versatile and fun and can add that extra edginess to your outfit. Here's what we're rockin' today with our ripped jeans!


Don't Forget The Toes - Mango Mango Toes That Is!

Has anyone else been watching this season's Bachelorette? I shamelessly tune in every Monday night to catch the drama and what new piece of information I can pick up, so that I can at least say I learned "something" instead of wasting two hours of my life. From the get go, you know that there are going to be a few creepers in the crew of men selected - I mean out of 30 guys, the odds are pretty good, right? This season has certainly not proved us wrong!

Of all the creepy things that could happen, there has to be a guy with a sick foot fetish - Tanner P.! While his commentary about this obsession made me gag a few times, I must admit to you, he sparked my curiosity about his favorite color, the one that literally makes him weak in the knees, or, the uh, nevermind!

Ladies I present to you...... MANGO MANGO!!

Apparently, ladies, if you are sporting a fresh pedi and have chosen Mango Mango, men will dote and fawn all over you! Really?! Well, I am going to test this little theory out, in fact tomorrow night! I will let you know the outcome!

So my questions for you:

1. Have you ever tried Mango Mango and if so, did you feel more confident and sexy?
2. Do you think men even notice the color of your toes? If so, what is their favorite shade?
3. Have you ever dated or do you date a guy with a similar foot fetish to Tanner P.?

Off to go find some Mango Mango for my toes!

A Beauty Tip That Rocks...

Piecy Hair

There's a fine line between artfully wispy and plain ol' messy hair. Rashida Jones got it right and you can too! First, style your hair as usual, then after rubbing a product like Aveda Control Paste between your fingers to activate it, twirl random pieces of hair using those fingers. The paste helps meld the sections together at the ends creating a pretty, piecey look.
— Polly Blitzer for InStyle

Rock This Look Today...

A great look for running around....for shopping, the pool, out on the boat. We love the versatility of this Tory Burch tunic!


Rock This Look Today...

We love this cute Phillip Lim shift dress with the newest kicks from Tory Burch's collection! Try rocking this look today...


Rock This Look Today...

We're loving this look for today. Denim shorts with a white tank is a classic look this summer. Make it your own with great accessories and some fabulous sandals. Throw in a sassy fedora, and you are sure to turn some heads with this look!


A Beauty Tip That Rocks...

Pink Cheeks

For a bold flush like Kristen Bell's, use a sheer cheek stain such as Benefit Posietint. Sweep two strokes over the apples of each cheek and gently blend into the skin with two fingers using a circular motion.
- Polly Blitzer for InStyle

Rock This Look Today: The White Sundress

Today we wanted to go with something very summer worthy - light and flowy, but of course with an edge! Remember those flat boots you bought in the fall? Put them to use with the perfect white sundress. Get creative and add some fun accessories and a simple clutch to complete this fab look.

We even pulled out our pearls for this one!


Rock This Look Loves Ryan Reynolds



I love the fact that when you're on a motorcycle, riding a motorcycle is the only thing you're doing."

Los Angeles traffic is not typically known for its restorative qualities. But 10 years ago, when Ryan Reynolds first rode a motorcycle on the congested interstate, he knew he'd found bliss. The Canadian actor cruised the center shoulder of the highway while the rest of the suckers were crawling. "For the first time, I could reach anywhere in 20 minutes," he marvels.

It wasn't long before zoning out on a bike also symbolized another kind of freedom. "I love the fact that on a motorcycle, riding a motorcycle is the only thing you're doing," he says. No multitasking, no texting, no rolling meeting in the back of the Benz. Just riding. "I'm not a speed freak pushing the bike at top speeds all over the city. I just like to cruise."

His old Triumph Bonneville doesn't beg for attention with a loud engine or blinding chrome. His leather jacket, T-shirt, and jeans are just as understated. "You can just go about your business in a low-profile way," he says.

It's a welcome contrast to dodging the paparazzi with bride Scarlett Johansson, or preparing for a role. Reynolds has had to add 20 pounds of muscle for Blade: Trinity, explore the emotions of loss in Fireflies in the Garden, and train in swordplay for the upcoming X-Men Origins: Wolverine. "Shooting a movie isn't a job so much as it is a mission," the 32-year-old actor says. "I develop tunnel vision when I work." Riding is his escape. "You have to be able to bring your heart rate down, and then recharge," he says.

Read more: http://www.menshealth.com/style/tips/ryan-reynolds-motorcycle-enthusiast.php#ixzz0LFvWyDRe&C

Ryan Reynolds: Motorcycle Enthusiast: Men's Health.com

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A Beauty Tip That Rocks...

Creamy Nude Lips

Ready to get naked? There's nothing indecent about it, at least not when it comes to a flesh-tone lip color (a la Michelle Trachtenberg's). Instead of splurging on a new lipstick, makeup artists sometimes dab concealer over balm-coated lips using their finger. The result? Creamy nude lips!
—Polly Blitzer for InStyle

Rock This Look Today...

The perfect look for today! Turn a little black sundress into anything but plain, with some great accessories and a rockin' attitude. This is great for that morning work meeting over coffee, maybe a quick lunch with friends, or perhaps a day of shopping?

Speaking of shopping, try replicating this whole look for less at a great discount store like TJ Maxx or Marshalls.


Rock This Look Today...

This outfit is the perfect time saver! Try this outfit out for work and then carry it over to the evening as an awesome look for a business dinner or maybe drinks with the girls. Save yourself some time and the pain of having to look for two outfits today.


Rock This Look Today...

Rock this laid back look for a day of running errands. Grab a canvas tote, a great pair of shades and some comfy, yet chic shoes and you are set for wherever your day takes you. This look is anything but ordinary!


Rock This Look Today...

If your plans call for some fun in the sun today, try rockin' this look! We are loving this paisley print bikini from D&G paired with a super sassy beach tote. The tote is a perfect fit for all of your sun essentials - sunscreen, beach towel, Smart Water, etc. A great accessory to add to your sun regimen is a hat. Right now you can find hats in all styles and colors. We are big fans of the straw fedora hats - an accessory that you can wear during the day and carry over for a HOT outfit at night.


Rock This Look Today...

Need some ideas for a hot little number to wear tonight? Try rockin' this look! We're loving the gladiator cage sandals and the Tory Burch clutch!!

Get With The Program: Manscaping

After getting an early start to my Friday with an 8 mile run, some office work and a GIGANTIC cup of coffee, I decided to treat myself to an afternoon of laying poolside in the humid South Carolina heat. So, I throw my bag together - towel, check....sunscreen, check......magazines, check.....and, oh yeah, my Blackberry for Twitter updates of course!!

Naturally, while laying poolside I decide to check out my scenery (and I'm not talking the poolside landscaping folks), I'm talking the man scenery. Of course there are several guys out at the pool today, drinking beer and checking out the chicks. Except for one fine specimen to my 3:00! Heck yeah, I get some eye candy at the pool today - BONUS! That is until he takes his shirt off!

Are you kidding me?!?!?!

How can a HOT guy like this, not understand the concept of manscaping? It is July for crying out loud and the last time I checked about 60 degrees to hot for a sweater. This sweater of course covered the front and back - is it even possible for a man this young to grow this much hair?! I had half a mind to take him a card for my girl Tameka, who would make sure that he was "taken care of" for a minimum of three weeks, but decided against it. I don't think Tameka has enough waxing paper for that one!

So, gentleman.....this blog's for you! If you aren't with the program, get with it and do some manscaping. I promise you cannot go wrong with this decision :)

David Beckham even rocks this look!!


Rock This Look Loves...

A self-proclaimed product junkie, imagine my delight coming across this little gem in the grocery store!


If you've been working hard and putting in some serious sweat sessions this summer, try coconut water post-workout for an amazing boost! Coconut water has the five essential electrolytes that your body needs - potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorous. There is more potassium than a banana and 15 times more than the leading sports drink! Consider me sold :)

We are also loving the motivation and accountability from the new online Personal Trainer from the folks at Runner's World. Try logging in your workouts and nutrition, set your goals and follow your progress towards a rockin' new look!!

Rock This Look Today...

We think this is the perfect little outfit for a summer BBQ. Show off those sunkissed legs with this sweet number!

Ladies, Love the Skin You Are In

No matter the skin you are in, step out this summer with confidence and enjoy family and friends. With the warm months still ahead, there are plenty of opportunities to be social.

Stay tuned for tips and advice on how to be your most confident and beautiful self this summer! It all starts and ends with you!

Our swimsuit inspiration this month....Marissa MIller!

Get Marissa's rockin' abs with our favorite yoga move this month - The Boat!

Works core, back, hip flexors
Sit on the sand with your knees bent and your feet flat and together on the sand. Place your right hand behind your right knee and your left hand behind your left knee. Keeping your knees bent, raise your lower legs until your calves are parallel to the ground (A). Hold for five to 15 breaths. Lower your feet to the sand and rest for five breaths. Next, start the same way, but when you lift your feet, straighten your legs completely so your body forms a V. Raise your arms straight in front of you to shoulder height, palms facing each other (B). Hold for five to 15 breaths. Lower your legs and rest for five breaths. Repeat.