Taupe Nail Polish

{Photo Courtesy of InStyle.com}

Rock some taupe nail polish like Malin Akerman and Gwyneth Paltrow.  Goes great with any look, especially bright bold colors.

We like...
Chanel #505 Particuliere

Rock This Look Shops Boston

We had the best time this past weekend in Boston!  What a beautiful weekend for exploring the city - the sun was shining, the temperature was just right and we were shopping.  What more could you want?

We set out to the North end to check out some of the newest high end resale shops and continued on to the infamous Newbury St. for the best in both new and consignment shopping, along with some amazing places to eat and drink.

Take a look at some of our amazing finds and new favorite places to shop in Boston...

The Closet
175 Newbury Street

We loved the selection in this store.  Both men and women can find some amazing things at The Closet.  Here are a couple of our favorites!
Alexander Wang Booties

Prada Bag

244 Newbury St.

Not only do we LOVE the name of this fabulous resale boutique, but we are beyond impressed with some of the pieces we found here AND the prices!  Not only can you shop the store, but you can also shop the RESCUE blog for some of the store's favorite items.  Check out what we fell in love with...
Set of 11 Chanel Buttons $24

Chloe Dress $100

Poor Little Rich Girl
166 Newbury St.

Down the steps, below street level, is this little gem of a shop.  There were so many great things in here it was hard to know where to begin.  We fell in love with this great black and white, Chanel inspired, dress - the perfect outfit for a Sunday brunch with the girls!


GREEN Fashion Find

Check out this fabulous GREEN fashion find from EcoStilleto!  We love unique pieces and especially when they are reducing our carbon footprint!
Alkemie + Zipper Cuff from EcoStilleto
Check out this piece and others at Shop EcoStilleto at Ecoconscious Market!  More to come from this fabulous new outlet for one of a kind fashion finds!

A Fall 2010 LaRoque Original

LaRoque Fall 2010 :  Photo Courtesy of Travis Teate for Travis T Photography

I am loving this piece from designer friend, Annabelle LaRoque, from her Fall 2010 collection.   Check out her collection at Shop LaRoque.  You can also follow her blog, LaRoque Blog.

Rock This Look Today

Designer Resale? Yes, Please!

This weekend, I'm going to be mixing a little business with pleasure in "Bean Town".  Why not?  My last visit Boston, I fell in love with some of the very best in shopping.  Be on the lookout, as I post my new finds on this trip.  One place that is on the top of my list is Clutch.

101 Endicott Street
Boston, MA  02113
(617) 248-3807

Clutch is Boston's only high-end designer resale boutique!  I've had my eye on some different vintage pieces, let's see if this new, swanky joint can come through!

Some of my top vintage lusts...

Vintage Chanel Chain Bag

Chanel at ShopStyle

Vintage Cartier Tank Watch

Cartier at ShopStyle

Stay tuned dolls for all the happenings in Boston this weekend!


Fall Fashion Must Have - The Silk Blouse

Amen for the silk blouse!  Such a classic look that we are so glad is all the rage this Fall.  Check out some of our favorites...

Balmain at Net-A-Porter

Balmain at ShopStyle

YSL at Net-A-Porter

Yves Saint Laurent at ShopStyle

ALICE by Temperley at Net-A-Porter

Temperley London at ShopStyle

Fall Fashion Must Have - Watches

This Fall a fabulous watch is a must.  Check out a few of our favorites!

AK by Anne Klein $65
AK Anne Klein at ShopStyle

MICHAEL by Michael Kors $150
Michael Kors at ShopStyle

Juicy Couture $295


Rock This Travel Look

Carrie Underwood's recent jaunt through LAX on the way to her honeymoon has us rethinking our travel attire.  We are loving her relaxed yet chic look for our next travel day.  If only we had a big hunky hockey player to cozy up to....ah, a girl can dream!  Rock on Carrie!

What We've Got Our Eye On!

This gorgeous Tory Burch bag! Definitely a classic bag that you will own for years to come and VERY in this fall.

Tory Burch at ShopStyle

Tory Burch Holland Satchel $465 at Tory Burch 

A fabulous gathered dress from Burberry , which at $2495 is out of reach for most. Take a peek at New York & Co. this season and check out the gathered tops and skirts that will make an excellent knockoff of this look.

Burberry at ShopStyle


Affordable Fashion Now At Kmart?

Kmart admittedly does not come up as a top of mind destination for fashionable finds.  Perhaps credit is due to another mass retailer, Target, for bringing affordable fashion accessible to the masses.  Well now Target is going to have a run for it's money.  Kmart is introducing a revamped clothing line this fall at it's stores.  The new ad campaign is already catching the eye of many.  Instead of running into Kmart for your household items, make a stop by clothing and see what all is new.

H&M and ZARA Go Online!

If you haven't heard already, then you are going to hear it here today.  Two heavily sought after affordable fashion brands are FINALLY setting up their e-commerce sites in September.  ZARA will launch it's e-commerce site on September 2 and H&M will follow suit two weeks later.  This is great news for all of us and especially those who don't have a store close by.  Stay tuned for more!


The 2010 Fall Bag: Classic

We've never lost sight of a classic bag. Trends may come and go, but classic is always in style and lasts forever. This fall, the classic bag is making a big wave on the fashion scene. This is the time to invest in a great bag - Guccis, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, etc. You will covet one of these bags for years to come. Here are some of our favorites....

Fendi at ShopStyle

Gucci at ShopStyle

Lauren Ralph Lauren at ShopStyle

Line To Watch: Auden

Designer Bryce Castaneda new jewelry line, Auden, has the fashionably fearless in mind! The collection launched last year in LA at Fred Segal. Henri Bendel picked up the full collection this Spring with an overwhelming response. I had the opportunity to meet Bryce this past Sunday at Henri Bendel, and was overwhelmed by his creative eye and the energy he puts into every piece of his line. I had a hard time deciding between one of his statement bracelets or necklaces. Recently, he did a custom bracelet for Carrie Underwood that was to die for. I was so impressed that I couldn't let one of these gems get away, so I had to add one to my collection. See you soon Bryce!