Designer Resale? Yes, Please!

This weekend, I'm going to be mixing a little business with pleasure in "Bean Town".  Why not?  My last visit Boston, I fell in love with some of the very best in shopping.  Be on the lookout, as I post my new finds on this trip.  One place that is on the top of my list is Clutch.

101 Endicott Street
Boston, MA  02113
(617) 248-3807

Clutch is Boston's only high-end designer resale boutique!  I've had my eye on some different vintage pieces, let's see if this new, swanky joint can come through!

Some of my top vintage lusts...

Vintage Chanel Chain Bag

Chanel at ShopStyle

Vintage Cartier Tank Watch

Cartier at ShopStyle

Stay tuned dolls for all the happenings in Boston this weekend!

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