Today's Hot Mess

Porn queen, Jenna Jameson and martial arts fighter, Tito Ortiz!

Allegedly, Ortiz beat her up in the Huntington Beach, Calif., house they share with their baby twin boys. Ortiz was taken away in cuffs by police and charged with felony domestic violence. Cops said Jameson had "visible injuries" and she wore an arm brace while leaving a drugstore.

True story or some kind of drug-induced kinky sex act involving a fall off the ol' stripper pole? You decide...


Rock This Look Today

We put this look together today with you in mind! Perfect outfit to carry you from the office to "after office".

A Look We Are Loving: Orangey Lips

If you want to try a similar look like Hillary Druff, keep the shade modern by blending creamy, nectarine lipstick with a swipe of tinted gloss.
{Photo Courtesy of InStyle.Com}

Did You Know? The Sweatshirt "V"

Just Where Did The Stitched "V" On Sweatshirt Collars Came From?

The little "V" that's stitched in the bottoms of sweatshirt collars were actually meant to soak up sweat. According to Christophe Loiron of vintage shop, Mister Freedom, early American sweatshirts made in the '30s were worn as athletic gear and not as its now, which can be spotted on any average person at Wal-Mart. Ay-yay-yay....stay FAR away, very FAR my fashion loving friends :) (Valet Mag)


Attention Designers: Project Runway Casting Call

Project Runway is casting for season eight in NYC. Bunim-Murray, the agency in charge of finding all the talent, is looking for a little help get some hot designers in front of Heidi and the gang. If you think you've got what it takes, get started on the application! Good luck!

For The Guys

Guys, check out New York-based designer Patrik Ervell's new e-commerce site, Patrik Ervell. Not only does he have the latest trends in fashion but also has a virtual model to help you put together a look or two before you buy!

Happy shopping!