Don't Forget The Toes - Mango Mango Toes That Is!

Has anyone else been watching this season's Bachelorette? I shamelessly tune in every Monday night to catch the drama and what new piece of information I can pick up, so that I can at least say I learned "something" instead of wasting two hours of my life. From the get go, you know that there are going to be a few creepers in the crew of men selected - I mean out of 30 guys, the odds are pretty good, right? This season has certainly not proved us wrong!

Of all the creepy things that could happen, there has to be a guy with a sick foot fetish - Tanner P.! While his commentary about this obsession made me gag a few times, I must admit to you, he sparked my curiosity about his favorite color, the one that literally makes him weak in the knees, or, the uh, nevermind!

Ladies I present to you...... MANGO MANGO!!

Apparently, ladies, if you are sporting a fresh pedi and have chosen Mango Mango, men will dote and fawn all over you! Really?! Well, I am going to test this little theory out, in fact tomorrow night! I will let you know the outcome!

So my questions for you:

1. Have you ever tried Mango Mango and if so, did you feel more confident and sexy?
2. Do you think men even notice the color of your toes? If so, what is their favorite shade?
3. Have you ever dated or do you date a guy with a similar foot fetish to Tanner P.?

Off to go find some Mango Mango for my toes!

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