Who Rocked The Golden Globes...

Let's be honest, it's always been more about the fashion than the actual awards!! 
Here are some of our picks for who rocked the red carpet...

Jennifer Aniston in Valentino Couture

Heidi Klum in Roberto Cavalli
Olivia Wilde in Gucci

Overall, a very disappointing year, as far as we are concerned.  Perhaps it was the rain that dampened our spirits or maybe just the lack of WOW on the red carpet this year. On a side note, Cameron Diaz and Sandra Bullock, are you looking for new stylists yet? If so, I know a gal...

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  1. Totally agree with you on being dissapointed with last night's fashion. Most of the dresses were too casual for my taste and the Red Carpet. The only dress that stood out to me was Anna Kendrick, yet most reviews are negative of her dress too.

    Oh well.........I'm holding out for SAG and Oscars. Especially, Oscars. That is when I get my fashion fix for 2010.