Peacock: Buttons, Collars and Cuffs, Oh My!

Peacock:  Simple, stylish, but not so subtle... 

Remember fellaz, we want to draw attention, but more specifically, we want to draw the right kind of attention!   So, before you reach to break out the furry fedora and the Kanye West Jesus Piece...  PUMP THE BREAKS!!   Ladies, this is when you look your man straight in the eyes, do your best Lee Corso impression and say.... "NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND."   (Ladies if you are reading this and you do not know who Lee Corso is... reference ESPN College Football. Reference College GameDay..  Do some homework.  I promise this due diligence will pay dividends... IN DROVES!!)

Lets start simple here.  Baby steps.  Sometimes just a small amount of Peacock will work just fine.   
Think about the regular, (aka "basic Bob", aka boring, aka run-and-tell-that homeboy homeboy homeboy) oxfords that claim prime real estate in your closet.  Not saying go and dump that look.  But where is the Peacock?  Remember a "plain-Jane" shirt will probably only attract a "plain-Jane".  This is the very line of thinking that will have you well on your way to "Peacock Success".
For those Men like myself that have a slight allergy to shopping, Bertigo and Stone Rose shirts, can be ordered online.  I wear a 4. I call that "Marge"  (Medium-Large.  6'0", 190lbs of sexy, plenty to go around!!).

Buttons: Notice the simple peacock exuded from the square buttons.  Not the clear round norm.  If this is too much for you, wear a tie until you grow a pair.

Collar:     Notice the flare added by the colorful design of the inner collar.  Be careful here. Just undoing the top button will allow enough Peacock..  (Notice I said button SINGULAR and not buttons PLURAL).  There is a thin line between your peacock saying "Tubbs and Crockett"  and 70's male porn star.   No?  No?  C'mon!! Tubbs and Crockett?  Miami Vice??  (Insert head nod and laugh here for those who still don't comprehend the reference)!!

Cuffs:  Here is the KICKER.  For some strange reason women notice men's hands.  Trust me, they do.  Don't ask why??   Are you serious?  I said don't ask why!!!!  Okay, okay, lets speculate.   Maybe it is because despite all concerns of communicable diseases, Americans have adopted shaking hands of all things as custom.  Perhaps it is the blame of Urban Myths regarding the correlation of man's "Hand size" to his other blessings, inked by the various popular magazines to which women religiously subscribe.  Just saying...Just speculatin'.  Whatever the reason, women will notice the next time you reach out for a drink at the bar if the peacock on your cuffs are on, "Hammer Hammer Hammer"  (can't end this post with a Soulja Boy reference)!

Food for Peacock Thought:  My Fellow Peacock Men, with a double application of Right Guard odor and sweat blocking defense, please join me with raised hands, and the utmost opportunistic confidence the next time the DJ plays "All I do is Win".    ALL PEACOCK'D CUFFS GO UP......... AND THEY STAY THERE... AND THEY STAY THERE.

Thank you to our resident peacock and guest blogger, Neil Patrick!

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  1. I love the way you called the size 4: Marge. Bertigo and Stone Rose mens dress shirts are incredible, different and just like you mentioned; these shirts bring the right kind of attention