Guys: It's All About Your Peacock!

Thank you to our resident peacock, Neil Patrick, for this one...

Peacock Theory is a concept adapted from evolutionary science which studied why male peacocks had such exceptionally bright, rainbow plumage compared to female ones with dull plumage. Anyone who has ever seen a male peacock will no doubt have noticed how colorful and bright peacock plumage is. But the true purpose for this colorful display isn't just for aesthetic purposes, it is there to attract females and the brighter and bigger the plumage, the more attractive the male peacock will be to females.

Anyone mildly familiar with "the pickup artist" from the show on VH1.. (no judgements here... raise your hand if you did) WAIT.... hold on... why am i the only one with my hand up???!?!?! I digress... Anyone familiar with the show or the book or even the theory.. understands how dressing flashy or adding extra flair to an outfit can aid in attracting women during a night out on the town. BUT!!!!... LETS BE CLEAR.. LIKE ALL THINGS IN LIFE, THE PEACOCK THEORY EVOLVES AS WELL. (the JONES' are off and running... I suggest you keep up.)

The next few days I will be assisting Greta Pierson with a few entries that should help any and all guys benefit, and at the very least comply, with the PEACOCK THEORY. We will be focusing on both examples of good and bad PEACOCK as well as what your PEACOCK should/shouldn't be saying. As you might assume, your PEACOCK of your 20's conveys a much different message in your 30's!!

Example:  IF you are pushing 30 and you have so much as the slightest lapse in judgement that leads you to contemplate wearing a graphic t-shirt that could seemingly fit your prepubescent nephew in hopes to attract an eligible bachelorette.... Think again... Besides "WHAT A Douche Bag", among many other terms of inendearment used in todays pop-culture arena, your PEACOCK might say "HI... I SPEND ALL THE MONEY I SHOULD BE CONTRIBUTING TO MY 401K AT GNC.. I'M A KEEPER"!!!! THIS ONE IS FREE!!

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