It's Monday and your weekend was fabulous and you are just not ready to get back to the grind.  We understand, TRUST!  Put your best foot forward and rock an awesome blowout.  The look will put some pep in your step to face the day and will be sure to start your week off on the right note.

One of our favorite go to magazines, Glamour, shows you how to achieve this look below...

VIDEO: How to do a gorgeous BLOWOUT

Here are some of our favorite products and tricks to help you achieve this look:

1.  Rub Moroccan Oil Light through damp hair, focusing on the ends..
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2.  Blow dry hair out with a round brush and good hair dryer...
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3.  Use a professional flat iron to achieve the look of rollers.  Part hair down the middle and section off with clips.  Focus on bottom section of hair first, and work your way to the top.  Take 1-2" sections, pull out straight from head and use the flat iron to create the curl.  Turning flat iron 180 degrees as you move down the section of hair.
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4.  Pull out curls with fingertips and spritz hair generously with shine spray and finish with a light non-sticky hairspray.  We like...
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You might just feel so fabulous when you are all done that you will look forward to Mondays!  Have fun!

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